Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Elderflower liqueur.

This is something of a work in progress rather than a finished recipe. I would love to know your thoughts of ideas.

I have simply filled a jar with vodka and elderflower heads. It has been steeping for a week, but the top flowers simply float out of the vodka and go brown. I am slightly worried that this has ruined it as it is beginning to bubble. I have now placed a wax paper disc onto the top to attempt to weight the flowers down into the vodka. I am planning on straining it after a month and then adding sugar to taste.


  1. There's an elderflower challenge somewhere this month, I'll try to find it for you (someone in lancashire, not that is much help!!!)

  2. That's an interesting one! I like elderflower so combining it with alcohol is a win win !